AzNMA Organizing PPE Purchasing Group for NDs

posted on Thursday, April 9, 2020

The AzNMA is working with Velox Medical, a company which usually only works with large businesses and governmental agencies. However, AzNMA saw the need of many of its members and other small doctors’ offices that could no longer obtain PPE from traditional sources.

“Like many medical providers, naturopathic doctors across the country are running out of much needed personal protective equipment like masks and gloves,” said AzNMA president Dr. Steven Katz. “We are combining the buying power of doctors across Arizona and the entire country to obtain PPE from a large supplier. Buying in bulk will save our doctors money and ensure access to this important safety equipment.”

Doctors across the state and country are encouraged to place orders online.

The deadline for this order period is Tuesday, April 14, at 5:00 pm MST.  Orders will be shipped from Arizona approximately during the week of May 4. Frequently asked questions about the AzNMA PPE purchasing group are available.

“We want to help those that are having trouble obtaining required safety equipment,” Glassgow said. “Doctors are on the front lines of this pandemic and they need to be protected so they can continue serving their communities.”

Contact AzNMA Executive Director Baron Glassgow with any questions. Glassgow can be reached at

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