Reopening Your Practice: A Patient Communications Checklist

Patient Communication - Reopening Your Practice

posted on Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Whether you’ve remained open during the COVID-19 crisis or are reopening, it’s likely the way your practice operates has changed in the last couple of months. You’re more mindful of little things that can have a big impact on the health and safety of your staff and your patients.

One of the questions that came up quite a lot during our recent webinar series was:

“What should I ask in prescreen calls?”

We’ve developed a sample prescreen checklist that includes some of the questions and answers you might find useful as you speak to patients. This is simply a guideline, a template that you can tweak so that it fits your practice environment. Add, delete or change as you see fit. If you use a similar document it might be a good idea to save the responses in the patient’s file. As we hear so often – document, document, document. 

Stay safe!

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