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posted on Friday, May 8, 2020

Update: Use of PPE in Oregon is no longer restricted to diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19 

This is a good example of why it is so important to monitor what your state’s authorities direct. Information and guidance changes rapidly.  

Oregon Restriction Removal

Governor Brown issued Executive Order No 20-22 effective May 1, 2020 allowing measured resumption of non-urgent health care procedures using personal protective equipment, and continuing restrictions on visitation in response to coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreaks. It stated:  

“Oregon is at the point where it is possible to gradually resume elective and non-urgent procedures, as long as those procedures are performed in compliance with Oregon Health Authority guidance, which will ensure COVID-19 safety and preparedness by maintaining hospital capacity and adequate supply of PPE.

On or after May 1, 2020, elective and non-urgent procedures across all care settings that utilize PPE are allowed, but only to the extent they comply with guidance or administrative rules issued by the Oregon Health Authority.”

The Oregon Health Authority issued Guidance on Resumption of Non-Emergent and Elective Procedures in Medical and Dental Offices, and other Health Care Settings. In order for an office to provide non-urgent or elective procedures that require PPE, the medical office must comply with these very strict Guidance published by OHA.

Oregon Chiropractors: Board's COVID-19 Update (5/7/2020)

If the procedure does not require PPE, you can continue offering it without PPE but must still meet all the other published guidelines. However, several state associations are now recommending the use of PPE in the form of surgical masks especially for care which can only be performed in close contact with patients (such as acupuncture, physical evaluation, or chiropractic). It is also recommended the patient wear cloth or other available masks during visit. All other guidelines regarding screening, social distancing, sterilization and disinfecting, and documentation remain in effect until otherwise changed by the governor or OHA. 


MAY 5, 2020
Malpractice Defense in the time of COVID-19

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